Matt Glass

Writer, Director

Jordan Wayne Long

Producer, Production Designer

Mark Jones

Art Director, Concept Artist

Melissa Doss Diwa

Props, Miniature Interior Designer

Amanda Maddock

Puppet Builder, Puppeteer

Joe Sabatino


    Lex Rudd

    Puppet Builder


    One town, sixty years without sunlight or rain, a tyrant who controls the only source of water for the people and a mysterious wanderer offering a bright side to it all.


    Hiro is a man who has almost everything including controlling the only source of water for his town that has not seen sunlight or rain in 21,407 days. A mysterious wanderer offers Hiro a chance to see the sun and he takes it. He sets off on a journey to be the only person in almost sixty years to see the radiance of the mythic light that is locked away behind a thick veil of clouds on top of a peculiar mountain.


    • Los Angeles, CA
    an production